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About Us
Harum Megah Resources Sdn Bhd was established as a Job-Outsourcing Solution Provider in early 2007. Starting off as a relatively smaller industry player, the company has grown tremendously over the years.

The management team has successfully created a goodwill and brand name for Harum Megah Resources, which today is always associated with complete trust and total customer satisfactions. This is mainly because the company always strives to provide satisfactory quality of services within competitive prices.

Led by key personnel, who have held various top management positions both locally and overseas, Harum Megah Resources is set to be a one-stop portal, providing manpower recruitment related matters, specializing in foreign manpower in Malaysia.

It is the various exposures that the management team has, that have enabled the company to fully understand the different industry practice and needs. At the same time, the lean management structure also enables the company to be more flexible in designing the solution that various customer needs, be it permanent staffing, contractual, temporary, local or foreign manpower.
Corporate Strategy
The company strives to achieve an equilibrium in the satisfactions of its various stakeholders.
As a business-operating organization, Harum Megah Resources always keeps abreast with industry and market development so as to be able in the forefront to protect the best interests of its customers.
As an employer, the company values each and every employees, ensuring that their needs are adequately met, be it in term of monetary, conducive working environment, or the need for self-development.
As an outsourcing company, the company also ensures that the wellbeing of the foreign workers under its management are well taken care of, be it the timeliness of getting their paychecks distributed, the accuracy of the paychecks, the condition of their living environment as well as their safety of working in Malaysia.
Being a lean organization also allows the company to respond in timely manner to any issues raised.
All in all, the equilibrium in satisfactions for various stakeholders enables the stability and competency of the internal operating team, resulting in a full co-operation and stability of the outsourced manpower, and ultimately passing the benefits to the customers.
Type of Industry
Harum Megah Resources recognizes that there are many different industries expanding in the region and the various industries have different and maybe unique requirements, specific to their needs. Here, Harum Megah Resources is able to customize a solution that meets your specific needs of the manpower requisition, whether it is skilled, semi-skilled, of certain language profiency, and so on. The flexibility in services offered by the company enables its customers to react fast to any changing external environment, such as economic condition, new rules and regulations, etc.
Our Portfolio

Harum Megah Resources Sdn. Bhd.’s RBA (Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct) Policy Statement


As a well established Foreign Manpower Management Company, HMR supports the RBA Code of Conduct and determines conformance to the Code and its standards in accordance with our quality management system. In the other words, HMR would operate in full compliance with the laws, rules and regulation sanctioned by the country that we operate in. In all its activities, HMR constantly seek to go beyond legal compliance and any internationally recognized standards as to ensure we evolve on social and environmental responsibility and business ethic within our organization.

HMR is committed to advocate the human rights of the workers regardless they are being local or foreign employed and treat them fairly with dignity and pride.

In order to comply our employment policy with RBA Standards, we oblige to the following policies whereby:-
No-child-labor standard and strictly no employment granted for any person who is under age according to the existing provision of Labour Laws.
Ascertain that the employment is freely chosen.
Compliance with maximum working hours per week according to Labour Laws and Employment Acts.
Compliance with applicable wage policy according to related Labour Laws and Employment Acts.
No Employment Discrimination be it the worker’s gender, races, ethics or family background during the recruitment process.
All workers shall be treated as much humanity with adequate facilities provided during their employment tenure.
Freedom of Association for all Employees whereby workers should have channels to communicate with the management regarding working conditions without fear of intimidation or harassment.

Company Organization Chart