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We provide the right LABOR SUPPLY
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A Compliant Labor Management
We comply with JTK & RBA guidelines and practices. The wellbeing of labors are well taken care of.
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Dormitory & Operation

Hostel Management & Facilities

Our hostels are inspected to ensure that we provide a suitable living condition for our foreign workers. That include water, electric supply, bunk beds, mattresses, fans, and other necessities required.

Hostel Warden 24 Hours On Guard

We also engage hostel wardens, who would be available to attend to the workers’ question and issues anytime. To ensure the safety of the workers, tight security and strict dormitory rules and regulations are implemented.

Transportation Services

Busses and van are provided to ferry the worker to and from working place during normal working hours as well as over time. In the case of emergency, warden should be alerted and a quick arrangement can be made to send the workers to nearest clinic or hospital.

Payroll Administration

The company will ensure the worker understand the computation of their pay check through briefing to a small group of workers. Any subsequent questions will be addressed by the payroll department.