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A Compliant Labor Management
We comply with JTK & RBA guidelines and practices. The wellbeing of labors are well taken care of.
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Supplying & Managing Foreign Manpower

Workers’ Banking (Administration and Welfare)

It is also part of our services to help the workers, especially the foreign worker to open up a banking account in Malaysia to facilitate the monthly payroll. When the engaging company issues bonus to the worker, we would dutifully transfer this reward to the workers on timely manner.

Manpower Supervision at Employer’s Factory Premise

We also collaborate closely with customers’ factory management so as to align workers behavior and working attitude with the general expectation. With regard to customers’ rules and regulations, proper briefing and communication are carried out accordingly. From time to time, we would update workers on the factory’s management guidelines, work procedures, company’s culture and vision as well its rules and regulation.

Monthly Reporting to Employer’s Management

There is also a feedback channel for the workers to raise their concerns, unhappiness, or issues that they are facing whilst being employed in Malaysia. The company will try its best to address and resolve any issues faced by its workers

Employees Attendance Control

As much as we value our workers, we hope that they perform to the expectation. Attendance sheet is monitored by our staffs to ensure that our workers are able to deliver as promised. Those who are not serious in their work or trying to create unrest amongst other worker would be faced with strict disciplinary measures and possible deportation.