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We provide the right LABOR SUPPLY
for different industrial needs
A Compliant Labor Management
We comply with JTK & RBA guidelines and practices. The wellbeing of labors are well taken care of.
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Reliable, experienced and proven.
We got the right
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Our Gallery

Dormitory Certification by JTKSM

Our dormitory comply with JTKSM guidelines and practices.
Permas Jaya Hostel
Block 6, Cendana Hostel
Block 21, Cendana Hostel

HMR Dormitory-Permas Jaya

Located at Jalan Harum, Permas Jaya, Pasir Gudang. 
Guard House
Control Room
Turnstyle System A
Turnstyle System B
Dormitories Walkway
Cafeteria 1
Cafeteria 2
Cafeteria 4
Cafeteria 5
Cafeteria 6
Convenience Shop 2
Convenience Shop 3
Convenience Shop 4
Barber Shop
Dining Hall
Living Hall
Master Room 1
Master Room 2
Master Room 3
Room 2
Room 3

HMR Dormitory-Block 6, Taman Cendana

Located at Block 6, Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang.
Dormitory View 1
Dormitory View 2
Dormitory View 3
Living Hall
Room Area

HMR Dormitory-Block 21, Taman Cendana

Located at Block 21, Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang.
Guard House
Dormitory View 1
Dormitory View 2
Dormitory View 3
Surrounding View 1
Surrounding View 2
Surrounding View 3
Surrounding View 4
Transportation 1
Transportation 2
Living Area 1
Living Area 2
Room Area
Kitchen Area
Bathroom and Washing Area

Career Fair-Karnival Johor Bestari 2019

Date    : 21st & 22nd April 2019
Venue : UTC Johor Bahru

Majlis Berbuka Puasa HMR 2019

Date    : 21st May 2019
Venue : Pern Fine Cafe, Holiday Villa Hotel Johor Bahru